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Business Resources

You guys have a gold mine in this Excel workbook that you created – thanks so much for making it available!


downloadable templates

Business Planning

business plan template
one page business plan
Guide To Starting a Business Handout
Business Entity Comparison Table
Employer guide to hiring employees


Startup Worksheet
Bank Checklist
Projections Worksheet
Cash Flow Worksheet
Historical Worksheet
Expense and Income Tracking

Emergency Planning

Business Pandemic Influenza Planning Checklist
Winter Weather Preparedness Checklist
Flood Preparedness Checklist

Small Business Organizations

Northland Partners






Small Business Resources

Funding Partners

In order to meet our mission and serve our region, the Northland SBDC relies on support from other foundations, governmental agencies, businesses, and individuals. We thank them for their partnership and generosity. None of this work happens without them.

SBDC Frequently Asked Questions

What is the SBDC?

The Small Business Development Center (SBDC), helps entrepreneurs start, grow, and succeed in their business ventures through one-on-one no-cost consultations with professional business consultants.

What is a business plan and do I really need one?

A business plan is essentially your roadmap to entrepreneurial success. A good business plan defines your business and the product and service that you are providing to meet the needs of your customers. It is a necessary tool in obtaining financing and assists you in running a profitable business!

Are there any costs associated with a consultation?

No! Consulting services are provided at no cost.  All clients, their businesses, and related information are kept strictly confidential – the Northland SBDC will not provide your information to anyone without your provided consent.

What is the difference between a Regular Employee and an Independent Contractor?

An employee receives benefits and regular wages, is managed by the employer, and has taxes withheld from their paychecks. Where an independent contractor typically is paid by the project, chooses when and where to work, and handles their own taxes. Check out this link to the MN Dept of Labor site.

Will my discussions, research, and materials with Northland SBDC be kept confidential?

Information you provide will be held in confidence and will not be released to any parties outside of the Minnesota SBDC network. Your information will not be provided to other organizations and information on you and the nature of your engagement with the SBDC will not be released without your consent.

Are there any fees associated with services?

All business consultations are a no charge service.  We offer some paid training opportunities.  

Do you support already existing businesses with your services?

Yes! The Northland SBDC assists both new and existing businesses and entrepreneurs. Northland SBDC also supports existing businesses with common challenges such as financing an expansion, redesigning business plans, management reorganization, and much more!

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